IMG_0357So this week, a year on from going to the Drs with my lump, I received the bloody amazing news that I have been discharged from oncology! They no longer need to keep tabs on me and I’m just under the watchful eye of the breast care clinic for the next ten years! Yearly mammograms which will give me great peace of mind. So yeah FU cancer, I  kicked your arse!

It seems fitting that in the same week I did my first race for life. Now I’m no runner and you only have to look at my physique to know I’m not fit. I’m still battling post twin and steroid induced bulge, but I HAD to give something back. I sent a message out to my oldest and newest friends, I half expected them to poo poo it or make up some excuse, shit they said YES!!! In the end I managed to get a team of 9 together to get muddy with me – Lou my oldest friend, Lauren a colleague/legendary friend, Kate, Natalie, Laura, Emma, Mariska and Kim my NCT crew.

Yesterday was the big day and what a bloody marvellous time we had. Now my training for this event was the couch to 5k plan. I sat on the couch for many weeks and woke up yesterday morning and ran 5k. Perfect. To be fair I did manage to run quite a bit of it, obviously my body will be destroyed tomorrow as the aftermath of chemo has left my bones and joints in a pretty bad way.


These events always get you pumped up and when we arrived I started to feel a bit nervous, but a quick ‘pull yourself together Bailey you beat bloody cancer’ and I was back in the game ready to go!  It was so great to run with my crew and tackle the obstacles. My favourite of the day had to be the mud slide at the end though and I managed to spray my team mate in the face with mud as it came off my hip!!! IMG_0364

It really was a fitting end to a bloody horrific year. In fact I enjoyed it so much I’m already thinking about doing it again next year.

IMG_0359As a team we managed to raise over £1k for cancer research. A huge thank you to everyone that donated. To have strangers donate as they were inspired by my story felt amazing. It means the world to me. Let’s hope they find a cure before my girls are grey and old.

Katy xIMG_0360


One thought on “Discharged!

  1. Great post Katy. You really are inspiring. Thanks so much for the invite to the Pretty Muddy run, it was such a laugh. I hope you’re not too sore today. Big hugs


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