Working 9-5!

In March last year I left my lovely year 3 class to go on maternity leave. Boy what a maternity leave it has been! Now 15 months later I have returned and man did it feel good! In fact for the first time ever I’m counting down till I go back on Monday. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my girls, but it was so nice to get a part of me back and realise I am good at something else other than being a twin mum! To pee in peace sparked excitement like meeting Bieber at a Mr Tumble show! Then there was the hot cup of tea, nothing can prepare you for how good this will taste and the banter in the staff room. Sadly, I have lost one of my best pals at work as he buggered off to live in South Africa. We are replacing him quickly though and filling the many roles he left behind!!! IΒ can hear my phone beeping already with him wanting the goss now I’ve said this!

I have gone back to a year 6 class who are a joy and we have so many exciting things in the diary before they leave and head to Secondary school in September. I have also found out where I’m teaching next year and although I can’t say anything I am very excited about the new challenge. I’m Pinteresting the shit out of everything!

We opted for a nanny for childcare and all is working out well so far. I mean what’s not to love, I leave them in their pjs and all meals are done and tidied before I walk in the door! I then get to have fun and play before bath and bed! #winning Although it does mean I’m just working for the pure craic as childcare for twins is not cheap!

The best part of going back to work is that the two days with the girls become special and we can enjoy simple activities together.

Life is feeling more normal again. K xIMG-20170609-WA0008



3 thoughts on “Working 9-5!

  1. Fantastic to hear you so enthusiastic Katy- yes, normal service has been resumed πŸ˜„! I can understand your joy at finding ‘Katy’ again. I know just how Bex felt. No feeling guilty, the girls are happy & your happy- win win! Lots of love xxx😘


  2. Fantastic. Made me chuckle about being able to go to the loo in peace. I remember that as well when I first went back to work and the hot drink too! Sian so pleased you are back at the school as well. Xx


  3. ah the simple pleasures in life – a solitary pee and a hot cup of tea! Great to hear to hear you are back at work, love to you Jon and the girls xxxxxxx


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