Pretty Muddy.

IMG_0327.PNGSo with treatment over and life steadily getting back to normal, well as normal as it can with twins and the daily worry of ‘it’ coming back, I decided I wanted to give something back. It was mainly prompted by JB and his decision to enter the London marathon.  So I rounded up my girl gang and put it out there about doing the Race For Life ‘Pretty Muddy’ 5k.  Because they are all absolute legends my whatsapp started pinging away and they were all up for it. We will be raising money for cancer research and hopefully helping to fund a cure in my daughters lifetime. What a perfect way to give back and do my bit.

Now I shit you not I don’t run unless you are offering me free prosecco. The mere thought of such a race brings me out in a cold sweat, well these days they are hot sweats, but I BEAT cancer so this will be a piece of piss! Mmm obstacles, this could be hilarious and watching me attempt to throw my cumbersome body over an ‘A frame’ cargo net will not be for the faint hearted. Team, I hope you’ve rembered to do your pelvic floor or we could be in serious trouble!

So training? Apparently I can prepare for this by doing exercise. You mean I can’t just rock up and wing it on the day? Which you know is totally going to happen, but I can show willingly and attempt a training plan. It involves drinking prosecco every night right??

K x

If you read this, know my story or know someone else story and want to help, then please click the word donate.



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