Time to move on.

So tonight I am sat alone, glass of wine in hand, celebrating the end of treatment and the end of cancer. Sadly, JB is away with work so can’t cheers with me, but not long till our trip to NYC (17 days and counting).

It has been the longest 10 months of my life from the intitial trip to the GPs until now. I still have a few follow up appointments and I will be monitored for the next ten years, but I hope to god this cruel bastard does not return.

Moving on is going to be tough and as most other patients do there will be huge anxiety about my future. I have no doubt the enormity of what I have just endured will hit me soon. Battling on and being positive was my only option, with babies in tow you just have to get on. However, there will be quiet moments when I have time to reflect and I may end up a blubbering mess, so work colleagues be prepared to find me in the stock cupboard crying over the laminator!

On the subject of work, that is looming very fast and I now have one month left of the maternity time that was robbed from me. I intend to make lots of happy memories before I leave my girls in the hands of our new nanny for the next step of their life. Whilst some people think I’m rushing back, I guess I want to get back into normality and attempt to get my brain working again. Plus it will be great to be Katy/ Mrs Bailey again and get some of me back. I have missed the children and lucky for me I have missed ofsted! Any teacher reading this will know what joy that brings!!! So Cancer I will thank you for that treat!

Whilst we are on thank you’s this is my chance to say a huge thank you to lots of people who have been there for us as a family to support and help us through this shit storm.

JB- Thank you for being my rock, for loving me despite the change in my appearance, for being an amazing father to our twinkles and for making me smile.

Mum and Dad – without your willingness to practically move in with us to help with the girls and accompanying me to hospital appointments we would not have got to through this. You deserve medals!

Dan/Olga – Thanks for being the best brother and sister in law. Dan thanks for fundraising for Macmillan an amazing charity, without them my treatment would not have been possible.

Miranda/Sam – Your help over the past two days has been incredible and the girls will miss you tomorrow morning! Thanks for starting my new project off ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lauren – For the well thought out and kind gifts for each of my chemo sessions.

Nicola, Helena and Mandy – For taking me to hospital, sitting with me during chemo/radio sessions and having the twins! You have proved the old ones are the best ๐Ÿ˜˜

Chris, Tony and Louise – Family friends through thick and thin. Thank you for having the twins, big ask taking on the two of them especially when I leave them hysterical!!

Natalie – your words of encouragement and support and the gift of my giving key meant the world!

St Nichs crew – For the meals, ironing and kind gifts. We cannot thank you and your big hearts enough!!

Home start – this charity have also been amazing, offering extra support with the twins during this period. My volunteer moved with us and has put in extra hours to help give me a break with the girls. Any multiple mums make sure you tap into this support, they are fantastic.

To all of you who have read this and sent me the kindest of messages they have really helped and kept me going. Stick with me as I will continue to writeย this blog!

And to finish this post off I have included some pictures to show you what radiotherapy looks like. I thought it would help answer the questions about what it’sย like and what happens. So here I am under the machine..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can sponsor my brother for his Macmillan golf challengeย here


4 thoughts on “Time to move on.

  1. Such great news Katy – so glad your treatment is over. It will be great to see you back at St Nichs – the children have really missed you. Xx


  2. So glad your at the end of this one journey that must have seemed like a lifetime. You know you can always call if you need us. Just don’t try to do too much before your body is ready, so listen to it xx


  3. Remember whilst you drink your glass of well deserved wine ‘alone’ that you’re not alone. Am sure there are many like me who are in total support and who look forward to your blogs and wonder how you are darling !
    Get in touch when you need that fitness feeling x much love


  4. Cheers Katy! I bet that wine tasted the best! ๐ŸทWhat a ride it’s been for you and your family, safe to say calmer waters for you all now.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘. The angels we sent have done their job and we’ll continue to pray for your ‘good health’ lots of love โค๏ธ xx


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