One years old

So that’s it my babies are growing up and I’m not sure how much longer I can refer to them as such???Although I spent a chunk of their birthday at the hospital away from them, they still had a lovely day and my family all arrived from down south ready for their party. Now I know a party with 80 guests seems a bit extreme, especially as they won’t even remember it, but I guess it was more of a celebration for me. When I began organising it I had just finished chemotherapy and wanted to celebrate. I sent the parents off to France to pick up loads of booze (turns out you all love drinking at a kids party as we nearly ran out!) and I decided to serve up chilli  and salads because that would be easy right?! Well in fact I got Jon and some friends to help out making them.

We were lucky enough to have a photobooth at the party as my brother runs Smiley Booth for Herts and Beds. It went down a storm and we have a lovely guest book of memories for the girls. We even managed to somehow fit all of the NCT babies in for a group photo with my great big boat race in the middle!

As usual I spent hours on Instagram and Pinterest getting ideas for the cake and decorations. One day I was ogling food as I usually do and found a local cake maker that supplies a favourite local eatery. I trawled her Instagram feed and low and behold she had a pic of the style of cake I wanted. Claire from Vanilla Cloud Cakes did not disappoint. The cakes were stunning and tasted divine. One guest commented it was so light it was floating off the napkin! I’m now conjering up events just to get another cake! Check out her webpage and Instagram.

The cakes were fairly simple in design with watercolour effect icing topped with fruit, macaroons and flowers. I didn’t want any writing on the cake because I discovered OTHERLETTERS and they make gorgeous cake toppers. I went for Poppy, Lexi and a number 1 in gold and they finished the cake off perfectly. Lots of other people I follow on Instagram highly recommended them and I wasn’t disappointed. Their website is full of gorgeous party decs and a huge range of colours. Linda and Debbie are extremely helpful I also had a birthday banner made, got a one balloon (which I bloody forgot!) and some honeycomb pom poms. All of which looked fab and if I was an Instagram pro I would have got some decent pictures, but instead I was running around like a headless chicken.

cake decs


Another lovely Instagram find, Betty Bramble, kindly sent us the most gorgeous Liberty ‘1’ tops and I planned for the girls to wear them to the party.  Last minute I popped to H&M to grab a tutu to wear with them. Turns out that babies don’t like to stay looking pretty and polished, by the end of the day they were both crawling around half naked. I didn’t manage to get a great pic of their outfits, but we did get a rare family shot!


Yes they are Caffe Nero Christmas cups in the background!

It turns out we put on a good party and everyone had a fab time. For me, it was the perfect celebration after the shitty year it has been!

K x


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