Radio Ga Ga!

IMG_20170330_162527_089Well I’m 8 rads down and 10 left to go! So far no side effects except pure tiredness from the relentless travelling! Lots of you have been asking what it’s like and if it hurts. The simple answer is no it doesn’t hurt. You basically strip off your top half, lay on a bed and get lined up using the tattoos that had previously been put on you. Β Then a machine moves over you and blitzs you! The annoying part is it’s all over in 5 minutes! Β I still feel awkward getting my boobs out and being man handled into the correct position, but needs must! Plus it never takes them long to line me up so I can’t be too saggy yet!

Then it’s back in the car and a waiting game to see what the M25 and A1 traffic is like! I did manage to catch the twinbops a couple of times before bed in the first week. My friends have been so supportive taking me to hospital and helping with childcare as I have needed someone to have the pickles everyday. Having a rota helped and people were able to sign up for a slot they could help with. I would definitely recommend doing this if you are also wondering ‘how am I going to manage it all’.

I’m certainly getting a taste for hospital canteens again as all my appointments last week and this week are slap bang in the middle of lunch! Kind of weird sitting with staff that have just blitzed your boobs, but they have seen bodily parts of all shapes and sizes! My smurf breasts aren’t going to phase them.

In other news the hair is growing and sadly not only on my head! I mean obviously I’m desperate for it to grow and look like me again, but seriously quite frankly some of it I could do without and I have not missed one iota!!! Perhaps I’ll bleach it along with my head hair and colour it with awkward peach! 😜

K xIMG_20170406_141859_384

I’m wearing a necklace sent to me by a very thoughtful friend. It’s come all the way from LA from The Giving Keys and it has the word INSPIRE engraved on to it. Thanks Natalie, I know this journey resonates with you more than some xxx


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