Winner Winner chicken dinner!

Good evening lovely readers! I feel like I have lost my writing style recently and am also aware that I may have seemed a bit down on life. So thanks for sticking along for the ride and reading my little blog. To be honest I have been battling through this and it was bound to hit me at some point! I had a good chat with a friend and it was a huge relief! You know who you are so thank you 😉

Anyway the last two weeks have been great and the twinkles have made some big developmental leaps and their relationship is blossoming. Lexi still hasn’t worked out that hair pulling is not the best way to show your sister affection, but they are loving kissing and cuddling and my god it’s adorable. I was always told about the bond between twins and I am finally starting to appreciate it.

Obviously Sunday was Mother’s Day and I had a lovely time with my girls and JB. Breakfast in bed and some lovely treats. Linked to Mother’s Day I enterered a competition on Instagram. Now I enter competitions on here all the time and never win, so I wasn’t hopeful. The competiton was run by Breast Cancer Care and you had to say why your Mum is a #MumofAKind. I put together a photo collage and explained how Mum has given up her life by the sea to care for the twins and me whilst I go through cancer treatment. Well I only went and bloody won! The prize is amazing, £500 to spend at Folli Follie on Regent Street and a luxury overnight stay at the Marriott Park Lane. I was so excited to let Mum know as she has given up so much for us, so deserves a treat! Plus it can’t be easy watching your child go through cancer treatment. Big love Susie P. Massive thank you to Breast Cancer Care!



Tomorrow I start radiotherapy and whilst I’m mourning the loss of my life for the next three and a half weeks, I’m also excited about everything in the diary over the next few months. Starting next week with the twins first birthday (the one where I got carried away and now have 76 guests!) New York, Spain and then my brothers wedding in the South of France! All these things lead to me needing to start exercise and sort my wardrobe out though! 😱

I’d love to hear about any fun exercise classes that are manageable post cancer treatment. At the moment I’m really suffering with hot flushes and aches all over my body. The aftermath of chemo seems to have hit me harder than during treatment,  let’s hope the radiotherapy isn’t too unkind to me and my skin!

Anyway it’s getting late and I know the twins will be up again soon! So until next time……


Katy x


4 thoughts on “Winner Winner chicken dinner!

  1. Hi Katy, you are an amazing person and wonderfully Mummy. Happy Birthday to Lexi and Poppy for next week!! I’ll always remember how tiny they were when you first walked into Baby Bells, such gorgeous girls. Jodi x


  2. Hi Katy
    What an amazing lady you are!
    Now I run buggyfit classs (Amanda has attended for years !) but I also work as a personal trainer and specialised in postnatal and older adult fitness and rehabilitation following chronic illness. I would love to offer you a few sessions on me to get you back to exercising safely. Get in touch when you’re ready. Lisa x (fitbodysolutions) 07796578032


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