Birthday Bonanza

Last week was a busy one.The last chemo knocked me for six and gave my body a right good pounding for the last time! Luckily, I started to pick up in time for some birthday treats. The first of which was a personal shopping experience at Mulberry courtesey of one of my friends. Champagne, cakes and handbags what more could a girl want!! Kirsty in the new Bond Street store was amazing and made us feel very at home amongst the bags! She was full of knowledge and made choosing a bag very easy. Thanks Mum and Jon for treating me! Mandy thanks for joining me!

IMG_0294My next treat was a night at the theatre and I saw Funny Girl. If you haven’t seen it, then I highly recommend it. Sheridan Smith was outstanding!

Finally, I was lucky enough to have my make up done. Vicki contacted me and kindly offered to do it for me. I had been discussing with a friend how I feel like a drag queen when I do my make up. Painting on eyebrows, attempting my eyes with minimal lashes all whilst looking at a bald head. I just feel hideous. Having worked at the Cancer Hair Care charity Vicki was experienced in patients who have lost eyelashes and eyebrows. She used some fantastic skin products and made me feel like me again. Armed with my wig and a new outfit and good old MAC lipstick I actually felt attractive and that Mr B would be proud to have me on his arm. You can find/contact Vicki on Instagram at @vickimariamua.

I did have a fab shot of me ready to go out, but  my phone decided to break and I lost all my pictures! These ones are courtesey of Vicki. I have included a very brave before photo to give you an idea of what a fantastic job Vicki did. I can’t believe I’m actually sharing this!

Katy x

Before. Excuse the state of my kitchen, I have twins!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza

  1. Glad you had such a great birthday Katy! You so deserved a special one bless you. Photos only show what a shining spirit & zest for life you possess in my opinion., and no amount of chemo can destroy that! Love & hugs. Xx


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