imageWe see this hashtag alot on social media accompanied by pics of what appears to be the picture perfect family life. Well if only it was all that easy and rosy! Before I had the girls I was constantly told I would make a brilliant Mum, whether it was because I was used to a class of 30 and they thought it would be a breeze having one or maybe I just oozed mumminess 😬. In reality, it’s not been a breeze and I have found it very challenging. I mean obviously I didn’t have one as I was ‘blessed with twins ‘ oh and the c bomb just for special measure! I’m pretty sure they inject you with guilt when you have a baby and I’m guessing it will plague me well into their teen years!

The girls were 6 weeks prem and this does have an impact on their development, but my god I did not realise how it would effect me mentally.  I constantly doubt my parenting skills and blame myself for them being left behind their peers. If I’m not blaming me, I’m blaming cancer and the fact I cannot be a proper full time mummy. I mean as I write this I’m sitting in the cancer centre waiting to see the Dr, while the girls are at home being cared for by grandparents!

I do struggle with friends sharing their babies hitting their milestones as it’s a constant reminder of how behind they are. Yes, I know they will catch up and yes I know they are doing things at their own pace, but when you are in this situation everything becomes amplified. NCT ladies you know I love you all and your support has been amazing so please don’t feel bad when you read this!  You are constantly bombarded with questions ‘Are they crawling yet?’, ‘Have they got teeth?’, ‘Are they sitting unaided?’ cue my melt down as I answer no! The other thing I have a bad habit of doing is looking at the twin Mummies I know on Instagram 😭 Some of whom have reached dizzy heights of fame and mass followers. Their lives look perfect and their twins are all very advanced. I have to remind myself that they were probably born at a later gestation than the girls, were bigger and so on. A friend/colleague has recently had identical twin boys (I know there must be something dodge in the water in our staff room!) and I can feel the comparisons coming already and I can’t help but feel envious of her journey that is not tarred with the c word.

Then I stop. I look at my beautiful girls. They are happy, healthy and full of personality. I would not change them for the world and I know I am doing my best at this parenting shizzle.  We have recently moved to our new family home and I can see the impact this is having on the girls already. This makes me smile. This makes me realise I too am #parentingtheshitoutoflife.







5 thoughts on “#Parentingtheshitoutoflife

  1. Enough Katy Bailey!….Won’t hear another word! Please, please don’t feel inadequate in any way . Your little girls are doing wonderfully well thanks to their brilliant parents/family. You, my love need to be kinder to yourself, you’re amazing,funny, beautiful….repeat after me 3times a day & perhaps you will believe it! Angel wishes & fairy kisses coming your way.😘😘 xx

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  2. Coming from a friend, a mum, a health visitor and a nurse – you are SOOOOO #Parentingtheshitoutoflife – you not only have two gorgeous babies to look after, of which you are doing a better job than most of my families that i attend – you are also #fightingtheshitoutofc – you are an amazingly wonderful role model to your little beauties – they will catch up with time – just enjoy them as they are and ignore the rest (easy to say i know) – there is love in your family and that is all they need to thrive xx

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  3. Oh Katy, I’ve just come across your blog by accident after snooping on your page when you commented on Ursula Rose’s vlog (hate that word!) 😳! You are an absolute fucking queen right now! I too have 10 month old girls (11th April) 6 wks prem who are the laziest little shits going and I know are waaaaaay behind their peers – but I couldn’t care less as it means they’re not wrecking my house for another few weeks at least. I am not living with the ‘c’ word but I am living with the ‘T’ word – TODDLER, well she’s 4 but 4 doesn’t feel like a fully formed child just yet. I guess she helps me with a bit of perspective when I’m having a bit of a panic when the younger two seem to be so slow doing things – it will happen, of course it will.
    I am absolutely in awe of you, I truly am. I too follow IG twin mums who seem to have become mini celebs (mmm who could we possibly be talking about 🤔?!) and at times I feel so inferior in so many ways and then I remember Oh yeah, you’re being paid for this picture perfect life you live.
    I shall be following your story with interest and hope and from one twin mamma to another, you’ve got this 😉. X


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