1 down, 5 to go.

So yesterday was FEC day 1 (the name of the chemo drugs regime I am on) so aptly named. Arrived to a packed out Macmillan unit (this bastard seriously does affects 1 in 2) and the impeding doom of a long wait. I must have gone to the toilet about 5 times and the anxiety was high. I did manage to suss out a few young people this time and the age difference wasn’t quite the normal 20 years!

A smiley face appeared and came over to chat and reassure me. It was the lovely Sara from the Cancer Hair Care Charity in the Old Town. I will name drop and reference here because they are a fantastic charity helping so many cancer sufferers out there. Massive respect to you guys, hopefully I can return the favour and fund raise once this is all done and dusted.

Eventually I was called through and given a lovely seat with a view to get hooked up and drugged up! The Macmillan nurses are fantastic and the wonderful Kelly got the line in without me even flinching. img-20161107-wa0007I was also sat next to a lovely lady who tried to keep me calm and discuss her first time with me. As I sit and look around the room 1)I’m astounded at everyone sat there getting their treatment so blasé and battling this beast head on 2) I still feel so young every time. I think in my bay the average age was 60. Don’t get me wrong I have joined a few social media groups for young sufferers and I know it does not discriminate, but it’s just tough when you are sitting there and you have 7 month old babies sat at home in someone else’s care. How did my maternity leave turn into this nightmare??

The treatment was pretty straight forward and only took about an hour or so then I was free to leave. I was armed with a pharmacy of drugs to take and injections to self inject and a lovely yellow waste bucket! Mmm not sure that will fit in with my decor plans in the new kitchen. Did I mention we are buying a house in the midst of all this? Yeah I know I don’t do things by half!

With a list of side effects as long as your arm it is now a waiting game to see which ones I am lucky enough to endure. So far its been a case of nausea, but I have been pregnant with twins so this is a doddle! img-20161107-wa0006

Info on Cancer Hair Care – visit their website at http://www.cancerhaircare.com , alternatively drop in and visit them for a chat at their studio like I did -The Caring Hair Studio, 5A Middle Row, Stevenage old town, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 3AN.


10 thoughts on “Ah FEC!

  1. So well written xx.
    I’m so pleased you are getting the support from Macmillan it makes me day at work even more important x Kelly is a great friend of mine and the first ever Macmillan post I raised money for your a superstar katy love you xx

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  2. Well done, keep smiling! I remember feeling the same about my maternity leave being used up by trips to the hospital and feeling generally rubbish!!! And the guilt of not being there to care for your baby! Things will get better and as hard as it seems now, this will shape you as a person in the long run. I know that sounds weird but having come out the other side of this shitty disease, I oddly feel like a better person- inside and out!!!
    Keep strong 💪🏻. Xxx

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  3. i remember going to one of mums chemo sessions & my daughters godmother now works with Macmillan after loosing her husband whilst I was pregnant, these people are amazing. This is just a small blip and your made of strong stuff Katy but it’s crap that you have to go through this!!! X

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  4. hey yousie, glad it went ok yesterday and hope your not feeling to poorly as a result. I never knew how great a writer you were having never read anything other than Instagram or FB! – #talented #brave #beautiful – behind you all the way.xxxxxxx

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